Mix of the Week: Mr. Mitch


British producer Mr. Mitch releases the third instalment of his annual ‘devotion’ mixes.
The British bass and grime music scene is one which generally celebrates the bangers – the songs with the hardest basslines and heaviest drums - the type of tunes that send crowds into a frenzy. Mr. Mitch’s early work certainly fitted this generalisation, however he has in recent years taken a different path. Rather than creating the hardest tunes possible, he offers a stripped backed minimal or ‘weightless’ sound. His latest full length, 2017’s ‘Devout’ saw him move further beyond grime in an album with the core theme of fatherhood.  

His previous ‘Devotion’ mixes were very much in line with this sound, featuring a selection of minimal and weightless tracks from Mr Mitch. and friends. This latest mix sees him going back to his club music roots giving a small sample of the tracks you might here in a Mr. Mitch DJ set. Just about every subgenre of club and bass music gets covered. There’s UK Garage from Flava D, house from Afriqua, UK funky from TSVI, experimental club music from Le Dom and Neana, and of course a bit of grime from Sir Hiss.

Mr. Mitch’s latest single ‘Creep (Take You Home)’ is out now on Gobstopper Records.