Mix of the Week 12/9: TuneSquad – Cloud Nine Podcast

For this mix we have an aggressively exhilarating blend from TuneSquad, regulars at Melbourne’s Cloud Nine club night. Distilling the compressed energy of Melbourne’s basement clubs over a diverse sixty minutes, TuneSquad have grounded their heavy bass and heart pumping pace in a mix of different genres.

Opening with a bootleg of Cutting Crews’ 1986 classic ‘I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight’, the wide pool of influences and inspiration is on full display from the very beginning. The use of older tracks, and the audience’s knowledge of them, allows TuneSquad to really have some fun. Special mention should be made to their bootleg of The Cranberries ‘Zombie’. With a fast beat that thumps along, this reinterpretation of the gritty protest song from 1994 follows an adrenalin-fuelled deep house foundation.

From raw electric guitars, channelling rock, to soft piano melodies, using pop, and well known samples, like the hook from Daft Punk’s immortal ‘Around the World’ paying homage to the godfathers of EDM, this mix has everything. As TuneSquad draw inspiration from well-known and established songs, they play with the audience’s familiarity to increase expectations as they build towards a drop. When the familiar choruses or hooks eventually do hit, they drop alongside the monstrous bass. An example of this is when they sample Eminem’s ‘Superman’, using the Dina Rae featured refrain and also an upbeat rendition of Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’. This playful transition takes Slim Shady and Martin Garrix’s notoriety, fires the audience up with them, then throws the audience head first into the deep end of loud and vibrant dance music, all without slowing down once to let them catch their breath.

With a kicking bassline, TuneSquad embed themselves in the hectic Melbourne nightlife that pulses with Cloud Nine as its heart.