Release of The Week 4/2 – DJ Plead ‘Liquify’

For his second EP, DJ Plead returns to the arrthymic beats and Levantine melodies that garnered him recognition for his first release, and were so successful in continuing to challenge what club music could sound like.

Released on London label Nervous Horizon, DJ Plead aka Jarred Beeler, would be familiar to Sydney audiences not only through his own live sets and recorded mixes, shared on shows such as Body Promise, but also as part of trio BV and duo Poison. Across these projects and forays, DJ Plead has solidified a reputation a unique DJ who is able to use percussive tracks to work a floor into a frenzy.

These talents are clearly on display in ‘Liquify’, the first release off the forthcoming Pleats Plead EP. Listeners are warmed up with a high bpm intro that glistens with trills on the darbuka between the heavier, driving bass beat. After a minute and a half, the more melodic elements are introduced through flute-like samples, albeit in a restricted manner, and not without nods to the club-focused nature of the track through vinyl-spinning effects.

Drawing in part on his Lebanese roots, DJ Plead has crafted a track that is no stranger to his present in the club. Unlike other recent experiments in club music, this is an infectious, energising track that should be played loud. With four more tracks on the electronic release, five on the 12-inch vinyl, expect to be moved by this release.