Review: Bad and Bouj - Hp Boyz

If you are keeping an eye on the extremely dynamic nature that is the Aussie Hip Hop scene at the moment, then you have probably just started noticing Melbourne’s - Hp Boyz. They are Melbourne’s answer to Sydney’s recent obsession with Onefour. It seems like every week there is a new ‘next big thing’ in Australian rap and it is as exciting a time for the genre here, as it has ever been. Our understanding and influences are growing. Hip hop all over Australia is drawing from different perspectives, sounds and samples creating a more diverse pool of music.

For me the Hp Boyz charm comes in their laid back stance on seemingly not caring about what we think. They know they are good. It just sounds like a bunch of friends having a good time together. Their earlier releases - Engineer and Blueprint got them their initial fame with it’s latin influenced sounds that stripped back could be a flamingosis song and bars that ebb and flow with truths and attitude.

Bad and Bouj is the latest drop from the self-proclaimed - Pacifika Rap group. The Pacifika alludes to their use of latin melodies that create feel good nature that feel like a Justin Timberlake or Shakira song but then become so much more. The attitude comes from the beats and verses. Bad and Bouj see’s the boys find their voice more than ever with each rapper seeming to improve on their vocal considerations. Engineers is a great track but I found the vocals a bit sloppy at times. Bad and Bouj does what all good releases should - improves upon the formula of the last.

You can’t stop me now, I’m at the top - they proclaim. The boys are here and in charge and as opposed to throwing around loose threats to all listeners, so commonly heard in the scene at the moment. Hp Boyz are musicians first and foremost and they are just telling you how it is. Their mates are wild and killing it and they are here to have a good time which is subsequently leading to their listeners having a great time.