BYO - Mere Women

Sydney post-punks Mere Women explore the experience of physical and emotional isolation from a feminine point of view on their third full-length Big Skies. Lead singer and keyboardist Amy Wilson, after residing in rural NSW for 6-months, begun to consider that “with the rise of mainstream pop feminism in music, it’s important to present an alternative view of the female experience, one not backed by extreme wealth and opportunity but rather constrained by isolation and a volatile physical environment”.

Cleverly, every element on the album is made isolated, at times almost lost, by a permeating and excessive use of reverb, while the addition of bassist Trish Roberts, alongside the punchy and chomping drumming of Flynn Mckinnirey gives new and compelling resonance to the groups sound. Because ‘Big Skies’ conflates its thematic underpinnings so organically with its musicality it is easily a compelling, creative, and emotionally dark record beyond common measure.