BYO Culture Guide

A nun and a duck walk into a bar…

It’s the beginning of the end of 2017 so this week’s Backyard Opera Culture guide looks at openings that wrap up the year as well as those that point to the year ahead.

The Flying Nun

Curated by Brand X in East Sydney Community and Arts Centre on Burton St in Darlinghurst, this launch on December 12 will point towards what’s on show for performance artists in 2018. Brand X has been working to provide a space for fringe, alternative and contemporary counter-culture to thrive often in underutilised commercial and government properties. The event is free but RSVP is essential!

Quack: Illustrations by PJP + Andy Walker

Showcasing the work of two local artists. This week Rose St Gallery in Chippendale will host this three-day exhibition from Friday December 15 to Sunday December 17. The show begins with an opening on Thursday December 14 from six to nine p.m.. Both PJP and Andy Walker exhibit an impressionistic, freely-drawn style with bright canvases inspired by local locations and internal eruptions.

See how you go - MP Hopkins, Sarah Byrne, Louise Curham

In its final curated exhibition for the year, Down /Under Space underneath Chippendale bar Freda’s puts on a show that goes to the core of the practice of curation. Questioning the hand of the curator in the process of revealing the works of the artist, the show combines the artists’ works and found objects from the vicinity of the gallery. The show opens on Thursday December 14 and runs until December 17.