BYO Culture Guide

This week at Backyard Opera we’re thinking about space, both on the canvas and writ large across our cities.

Modern but not Minimalist

While last weekend might have been Sydney Open, Sydney Living Museums has a program year round of talks and exhibitions delving into Sydney’s architectural gems. This Sunday afternoon, as part of the dual exhibitions of Marion Hall Best: Interiors and The Moderns: European Designers in Sydney at the Sydney Museum, Judith O’Callaghan, Rebecca Hawcroft and Catriona Quinn will discuss how Modern does not have to mean minimalist. If you’re a fan of art deco interiors or all that Modernism brings to mind is the bare concrete UTS tower then this talk is for you.

Out of Line

Perhaps every great artwork started with a single line. Simple yet foundational, the line serves as the departure point for this group exhibition at May Space in Waterloo. The works range from figurative drawings that demonstrate the hand of the artist to abstracted landscapes and conceptual installation works. The relationship between space and art runs throughout the exhibition revealing questions about how we construct the world around us.

AirSpace Projects November Exhibitions

Continuing our inquiry into the nexus between art and space, AirSpace project’s November offerings interrogate what home means as well as how humanity and the natural world interact. In Gallery One Susan Buret uses the gastronomic icon Martha Stewart as a lens to question domesticity and home while in Gallery Two and the Cranny T-E-A-R Collective stage their first exhibition, a meditation on Smith’s Lake in Northern New South Wales where they held a contemporary art lab. Finally, in Deep Space Catherine Polcz interrogates the relationship with our bodies.