BYO Culture Guide

This week we return to the canvas, but don’t let anyone tell you that this means that Sydney’s art and culture scene is dying down before the end of the year. As these three shows demonstrate, there’s a wealth of new and exciting works at your fingertips and so this week we’re looking at painting in all its contemporary forms.

Endurance: The Archer’s Bow – Joshua Yeldham

Opening on November 28 at Arthouse Gallery in Rushcutters Bay this exhibition of renowned painter Joshua Yeldham’s works will bring together both the natural and the supernatural, the mundane and the spiritual. On until January 20, the works on show will encapsulate the delicate yet rugged style of Yeldham, while also incorporating recent travels and experiences in India, Japan and the south-western United States. This year has been a successful one for Yeldham, as his meditations on the landscapes of Pittwater and the Ku-Ring-Gai region were recognised when he was selected as a finalist for the Wynne Prize.


Perched atop the Lord Gladstone Hotel in Chippendale is Goodspace Gallery which this week hosts a group exhibition of works by Honours students at UNSW Art and Design. The show contains a cacophony of forms and practices, and ranges from topics such as the body and identity, to the nature of connections between the self and our urban and natural environments.

Surface Tension – Michael Bennett

Australian born but Berlin based artist Michael Bennett returns to Sydney to exhibit a collection of all new works which dwell on the frisson between the moment of creative conception and the longevity inherent in artistic works. Together with the paintings displayed, this exhibition includes companion installations which extend the point of departure off the gallery walls and into the space.