This Weekend in Sydney 4/5

Sydney’s giving you the chance to expand your horizons this weekend. Give horticulture a try with the chance you build your own terrarium, let Real Bodies educate you on human anatomy, or travel to Spain through the cinematic lens with the Spanish Film festival. Sounds exhausting? Keep your mind sharp with a coffee-infused cocktail with Patron. Good luck, and happy learning!


DO: Build Your Own Terrarium Bar

Try your hand at horticulture with the pop up Terrarium Bar in Chippendale open this weekend from the 5-6 of May. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the world of plants, want to try your hand at creating a living ecosystem or just want something fun and different to do, this Build Your Own plant bar is a wholesome way to spend your weekend. You need to book your session, and spots are selling out fast, so head to to choose a time.


SEE: Real Bodies

Ever wanted to know what goes on under your own skin? Intrigued by anatomy, medicine, or just curious to learn new things? Then the controversial exhibition of 20 real, preserved human bodies is your type of event. With a whole range of different bodies preserved at different stages of life, you’ll be grossed out and inspired all at once by the complexity and mystery of the human body. This exhibition is showing until the 14th of October at the Entertainment Quarter; tickets are available online


WATCH: Spanish Film Festival

Travel to the warm Spanish countryside without having to travel a ridiculous amount of hours by plane with the Spanish Film Festival. Showing at the Palace Cinemas Norton Street, Leichhardt, the festival will be a vibrant and poignant celebration of Spanish nationhood, creativity and the visionary directors creating it all. The festival ends this Sunday 6 May; tickets are available at the box office or online. For more information about what films are showing, head to


DRINK: Espresso Martini Pop-Up

Your fave mix of caffeine and alcohol, the humble Espresso Martini, has popped up at one of Sydney’s most iconic after-dark locations. The Argyle, every day from 12pm, will be hosting a Patron-sponsored celebration of the widely celebrated cocktail among a whole menu of coffee-based cocktails of every kind. ‘Espresso Yo’self’ will be closing down at the end of May, so get in quick for your after work pick me up or pre-night out warm up.