This Weekend in Sydney 20/4

There’s a lot to see this weekend with art exhibitions, photography competitions and theatre shows galore. And if you’re inspired by all the creativity, grab a glass of your favourite drop and try your hand at your own visual arts. We’re a creative bunch, us Sydney-siders.


Go: Bertie Blackman - River of Dreams

Acclaimed and celebrated musician and artist Bertie Blackman presents a curated collection of her own painting and sculptures at the Harvey Galleries in Mosman. Showing 19 new works, become acquainted with Blackman’s imagined world ‘River of Dreams’ and the characters that make up this world. The exhibition ends this weekend, on Sunday 22nd of April, and is a free event.

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Drink: At Sip, Paint, Create

Relive your high school art days with a glass of wine in hand as you let your creative juices flow at Sip, Paint, Create. This pop-up art studio run by Sleight of Hand Art will be hitting bars around Sydney, ensuring a good mix of boozy fun and creative release. These guided beginner art classes run by local artists and usually run for around 2 hours. They will be held at the Bayview Hotel until Wednesday 23rd of May, so get make sure to get your tickets before its too late. Tickets are available online.


See: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Continue your obsession with nature stemming from the one episode of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth you saw with this photographic exhibition at the Maritime Museum. Over 100 award-winning images are on display until the 14th of October, so you have a bit of time to visit this world-renowned exhibition promoting conservation and diversity in the natural world. Tickets are available online.


Watch: Sami in Paradise

Erdman’s black comedy ‘The Suicide’ is re-imagined for the Belvoir stage this April, transforming its Stalinist Russian roots and adapting it for a modern world. Adapted by director Eamon Flack and the company of actors, it’s a brazen mix of controversy, comedy and drama that plays upon contemporary dilemmas such as the global refugee crisis and gender roles, making it an interesting night out. The play closes April 29, and tickets are available online.