Roll of The Week

Backyard Opera is focusing on film. Film photography captures the essence of what this great art stands for. Forcing you to take it slow, plan each shot out meticulously and really know what you want to see after you release that shutter, film forces us to rethink photography. 

Roll of the Week recognises all the time and effort that film photographers go through to perfect each roll. It's a celebration of the good, the bad, the shakey; the over exposed and the under exposed; the in and out of focus. Every week we will have a new photographer baring their (film) soul, showing us their wins and losses and recognises the honesty that is film photography.

To start submitting, send a dropbox link of your whole roll with high-resolution images to Please also include your name and Instagram tag, a title and short description of what's on the roll and the camera you shot it on.

Each month, Backyard Opera will nominate one photographer out of those who have submitted a Roll of the Week that month to purchase and develop three rolls of film at Rewind. The winner will receive a 3pack of the Lomography color negative 35mm film / 36 exp 800 and a voucher to scan/develop the images at Rewind.