A Summer Daydream

Capturing the length of summer requires more than just a measuring of time. As it continues, the season seems into your mood, personality and body. The heat does not relent when the sun starts to dip below the horizon and suffuses the landscape. Evening and day seem to meld into one as the tips of golden light melt all that they touch.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the beach. The sand between our feet has absorbed the day’s rays and radiates it back, reminding us of the hours that just past. The tides roll in and out following their own rhythm, one that exist apart from the clock. Days spent here, away from the city, remind us of childhood, a moment when decisions were simplified and the beach was our backyard.

While those times may have passed all it takes is the touch of a salty breeze, with heated air from the west lifting a hair, and we can fall into those moments once more. Concrete covered in a dusting of sand, soles of feet worn down by stepping over rocks, the sensations and memories roll into one.

© 2019 Backyard Opera. All Rights Reserved

Photography: Bella Pelagio @bellapelagio
Model: Paula Thielert @paulathielert @fivetwentymgt
Styling: Lanier Peteru @lanierpeteru
Hair and MUA: Hannah Bond @hannahbondmakeup