Single of the Week: Sharda “Chin Up”


Secretive English producer Sharda delivers a garage heater destined to take over dancefloors this European Summer.

It’s that time of year when hordes of Aussies are planning our mass emigration to Europe for summer. Whether it’s a Contiki around the Mediterranean to stock up on Instagram pics for the year, clubbing in Berlin, festival hopping or beginning a working holiday in London it seems everyone you know is planning some sort of trip.

All good holidays require a soundtrack – the songs that when heard in the future will instantly transport you back to a time and place. If you’re after something a bit different from the usual top 40 EDM or tropical house tune to accompany your European jaunt look no further than “Chin Up” by English producer Sharda.

The song begins in typical Sharda style with a classic 4x4 garage beat before launching into  90’s rave in Ibiza nostalgia of bouncy piano and high pitched vocal samples. The jackhammer like bass after the drop sounds straight from a warehouse rave in Berlin while Sharda’s trademark synth sounds firmly place it amongst modern day British club music.

All these elements put together result in a track that is pure bliss, perfect for moments with close mates, new friends or collective moments of joy on a dancefloor with people you don’t know. The Josh Church directed video captures this feeling perfectly, documenting the bright lights and buzz of a trippy night at the fairgrounds.

Chin up is the first single from Sharda’s new EP which was released on 4th May and it perfectly encapsulates the records melting pot of classic house, speed garage and happy hardcore. After releasing a string of bootlegs including the huge “Bumper 4x4” it will be Sharda’s first official release, as well as the first full length release on Coil Records.