Mix of the Week: Strict Face

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Adelaidean DJ and producer Strict Face takes us on a journey through just about every type of music your likely to hear in a club today and through history.

A couple of months ago we featured a mix from Teki Latex where he demonstrated his ‘play anything’ philosophy towards mixing. Strict Face has certainly proven to be a disciple of this particular style, demonstrating his adherence with a mix featuring such an array of genres that I could reach my word limit just listing them all.

Strict Face has rapidly established himself as one of Australia’s finest DJ’s, with an ultra-fast technical mixing style influenced by the likes of his label boss Nina Las Vegas and the aforementioned Teki Latex. This mix, which is the first edition of the monthly podcast series he promised after he left Radar Radio in the wake of its scandal, takes a slower approach more suitable for home listening than at a club.

That’s not to say that this mix doesn’t bang. From hip hop to RnB, afrobeats to dancehall, percussive club work outs to garage and even a cheeky blog house classic, if you wanted to provide an alien a snapshot of what club music on earth sounds like you would show it this mix. His rapid mixing style isn’t on display here and tracks are left to play longer than you would expect from a Strict Face DJ set. Instead we are treated to a series of long blends – a difficult skill for any DJ to master, especially when mixing such an array of styles.

The diversity of the mix isn’t surprising considering the development of Strict Face’s own productions. After establishing a melodic grime influenced style on earlier tunes, his latest release on Nina Las Vegas record demonstrated a new found pop sensibility. After being one of Australia’s most underrated artists for some time hopefully his star continues to rise.