Honey Disco is bringing the sweet stuff to Backyard Opera’s Carpark Cocktail Party


Bringing her distinct brand of funk and disco, Honey Disco, AKA Sophia de Vries will be one of the DJ’s providing the music at Backyard Opera’s Carpark Cocktail Party. Come down on Sunday the 29th of April from 3pm to have a cocktail and listen to Sophia do her thing.

BYO: Who are you and what is your Artist Name?

SOPHIA: I'm Sophia de Vries AKA Honey Disco.

BYO: When did you start DJing for and How did you get into it?

SOPHIA: I started djing a few years ago, I began playing whenever we had people over at our house, then at house party's. I got asked to play my first gig at Secret Garden bar then it rolled on from there. I got into it from having friends who DJ'd and watching them play.

BYO: What style of music do you like to play the most and what do you have planned for us on Sunday?

SOPHIA: My go to style of music is a mix of disco, house and funk. I've been really getting into 70's African disco, so expect to hear some tropical bangers.

BYO: Where has been the best place that you've played? Or is it just for fun like friends parties or as a creative outlet?

SOPHIA: I played a pretty fun gig recently at Freda's Disco Bongo night alongside some legendary DJ's. Although I have to say my favourite gig of 2018 has been New Years day on the Colo River with all my favourite people.

BYO: If people want to keep track of what you're up to, how could they do that?

SOPHIA: I usually post where I am playing on my instagram @sophia.devries, I also have a mix up on https://soundcloud.com/honeydisco and will be uploading more.