Mix of the Week: Nídia


Our global dancefloor tour on “Mix of the Week” continues with an energetic, percussive mix from Bordeaux based Portuguese producer Nídia.  

Over the last few years Nídia has been one of the most talked about artists on one of the most talked about labels – the Lisbon based Príncipe Records. Responsible for bringing the afro inspired ‘batida’ sound of Lisbon’s suburbs to the rest of the world, it has turned the likes of DJ Marfox, Dj Nigga Fox, DJ Firmeza and Nídia herself into some of the most sought after artists on the European club circuit. Batida music combines genres from the Lusophone world such as kuduro, tarraxinha, funana and baile funk with European house and techno to produce a distinct sound unique to Lisbon.

Nídia grew up in Lisbon but moved to France in 2011. Originally performing as part of an all-female dance group she soon moved into production and it was the sounds of her youth that influenced her style. After a few EP’s on Príncipe and the occasional SoundCloud upload she became one of the most hyped artists on the label. She delivered on the hype with 2017’s full length “Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida.” Released to glowing reviews, the album featured on a number of best of 2017 lists.

Although this mix clocks in at just under 40 minutes, there’s plenty packed into it. African guitar, house and techno stabs and even a sample of a crying baby are all layered over Nídia’s trademark lo-fi rhythmic percussion. This is the kind of set that makes you loose all control of your body and forces you to move in ways you didn’t realise you were capable of.
Part of a generation that’s rewriting the rules on club and dance music – the future of electronic music looks exciting.