Single of the Week: Carmouflage Rose “Wildflowers”


One of hip-hop’s fastest rising stars, Brisbane artist Carmouflage, releases a smooth and woozy follow up from his viral hit “Late Nights.”

Aussie Hip-op is changing. A new wave of artists are pushing and pulling it into all kinds of exciting directions, slowly establishing a new unique sound somewhere between traditional Aussie rap and a more global outlook.  Zimbabwean-born Carmouflage is at the forefront of this new movement. Although he has only been on the scene for two years or so, he has already made quite a name for himself. Early tracks such as “The Grime Joint Part 1” and “Dreams” showed his potential but he well and truly broke out with last years “Late Nights” which has clocked over 4 million Spotify plays to date.

Once again turning to the production of James Angus, “Wildflowers” picks up where “Late Nights” left off. Angus provides a dark slo-mo house beat that allows Carmouflage Rose to flex his broad vocal talents in a song about untamed love. With a vibe that sits somewhere between Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Nigerian artist Burna Boy, he expertly switches between sultry singing and dancehall style rapping. “Wildflowers” fits comfortably with in the current trend of African/Jamaican inspired hip-hop and RnB but with a hint of Australiana to it.

Carmouflage Rose has found a formula that works for him and despite being a brilliant track on its own “Wildflowers” is sonically is very similar to “Late Nights.” Still very young, his earlier work has shown he is adept at tackling a number of styles and he clearly has the talent so hopefully he doesn’t try to stick too much to this formula.

Carmouflage Rose kicks off a tour of Australia and New Zealand in May.