Single Of The Week: Mokona “Coral Sky”


Mokona returns on Sydney based label Templar Sound with the majestic “Coral Sky” from his “Love in Restricted Areas” EP, his first release in three years.

Having only amassed a handful of releases since its inception in 2011, Templar sound is a label that prioritises quality over quantity. Responsible for introducing audiences to the likes of Dro Carey and Cop Envy as well as releasing a seminal compilation in 2012, you always know a Templar Sound release is going to be something special.  

Mokona’s career to date has somewhat mirrored that of his label, appearing only sporadically but always reliably releasing high quality music. Elusive at first, he appeared on the aforementioned Templar Sound compilation in 2012. At the same time there were a handful of blink and you’ll miss them uploads to SoundCloud, which he often took down after only a day. 2014 saw the release of a Grime inspired white label, followed by his first official release – the “Breathless” EP in 2015.

In the three year wait since the last EP he has released a number of mixes highlighting his broad set of influences which range from ambient to grime, hip hop to IDM. In this time he has focussed on building more complex programs for his synths and learning more about musical arrangement and mixing.

A careful and considered approach is evident on “Coral Sky” which like most the tracks on the EP was rewritten countless times. The result is a stunningly beautiful, ambient inspired track. Countless ethereal layers and complexities present themselves. Orchestral melodies and natural sounds such as birdsongs contrast with electronic zaps and heavily distorted drums.  
Good things are worth waiting for, but hopefully we won’t be waiting quite as long for Mokona’s next release.