Single of the Week: Slim Set “Cooked”


References to Pokémon, Halal Snack Packs and Flume, “Cooked” the second single from Slim Set’s ‘Feed’ EP has it all.

While the hype around Grime worldwide may be slowing down, it feels like Aussie grime is just warming up. MC’s such as Rapaport and Fraksha are showing they can spit with the best in England while producers Arctic and Strict Face are pushing the sound in new directions.

Slim Set are a duo from Western Sydney consisting of MC Dev and producer Atro. Although they have stated that they don’t necessarily consider themselves a Grime act, their music definitely carries the sonic signifiers of Grime, albeit with a far more experimental touch compared to other Grime acts in Australia and abroad.

The beat for “Cooked” is the finest example yet of their desire to push the sound forward and not simply recycle old ideas. Standard Grime sounds such as distorted kick drums and icy synths are present, but much like experimental UK producers Logos and Mumdance, there is also notable influence from IDM and other club music styles. There is a delicate balance in the production between intensity and calm, the instruments almost entirely dropping out at points.

The space allows MC Dev plenty of room to do his thing, even when the music pauses momentarily he continues rapping at a blistering pace. Dev spends much of the song spouting about his lyrical prowess, and with the bars on show here, you can’t really disagree.

Slim Set will be performing a gig to launch the ‘Feed’ EP at the Chippendale Hotel on the 29th of March.