Single of the Week: Holiday Sidewinder “Tra$h Can Luv”

Former Bridezilla singer and current keyboardist for Alex Cameron, Holiday Sidewinder returns with “Tra$h Can Luv”, a delightfully retro sounding synth-pop track from her forthcoming debut solo EP of the same name.

The song tells the story of a relationship that we can all relate to – the kind where you know someone is bad for you, but you just can’t seem to stop going back. In Sidewinder’s situation, it’s the contrast she feels with a high earning, jet setting partner that she believes is embarrassed by her and is trying to keep her in the shadows.  

Although influenced by ballads such as 10cc’s “Not In Love”,  “Tra$h Can Luv” is much more upbeat and certainly wouldn’t feel out of place in a playlist along side Madonna or later day Fleetwood Mac. A pulsing bass-line and cowbell heavy drum beat drive the song and we get hints of sweeping synthesised strings during the bridge and chorus.  As the strings build to a climax a piano enters the fold and Sidewinder repeats the phrase “this is trash can love” over and over, a longing to throw this relationship in the bin that she can’t quite fulfil.

Sidewinder has spoken of a desire to write her own timeless pop song, and “Tra$h Can Luv” is well on its way to achieving that status.  Unfortunately, if you didn’t catch the single launch there won’t be another chance to see her in Australia for another few months as she tours the USA and Europe with Alex Cameron. By then her EP will be out on Personal Best records and we’re predicting she will have established herself as one of Australia’s premier pop musicians.