Single of the Week: “Water Baby” / Tom Misch

Tom Misch has released his new single ‘Water Baby’ with friend and collaborator Loyle Carner. The single is apart of Tom’s debut album Geography, which is set to be released on the 6th April. Water Baby has an added smoothness from Misch’s previous singles, with strong Jazz influences piquing throughout the song.

Featuring synth, sax, Tom’s signature sound and the added interest of Loyle Carner, Water Baby has a creamy sound that is a fresh addition to anyone’s playlist. From the opening notes, a transformation of your mood immediately takes hold. The intertwining of electro, disco and jazz tones is in perfect harmony and introduces Misch’s smooth voice excellently.  
Tom Misch sets himself up as a multi-genre musician with this single, as the hints of disco, soul, jazz and hip-hop not only provide an innovative sound but allows his music to be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.

Water baby is the latest in a handful of recordings from this talented pair, and is the perfect foreword to Misch’s debut album Geography. A refreshing single from a refreshing young artist, this song is dynamic, diverse and is sure to start a fascination with this emerging artist.