Alison Wonderland Scarehouse Project

Warming up to Summer’s heatwave of music festivals, a little after 1pm attendees gather in line waiting for their buses to take off at Sydney’s Central Station. With just about a full bus, people gathered on for a more intense ride to this secret location for  Alison Wonderland’s own Scarehouse project. Not to be confused by a Warehouse project, this Scarehouse Project promised a music event dedicated to provide thrill and excitement with frightening instalments and heavy bass artists…and this they did provide.

After several laps around the main round-about, BYO eased into the venue located in Sydney’s west surrounded by zombie nurses and skeletons (dressed up punters). As we walked in through the main entrance, we are rapidly exposed to fake smoke blocking our view from what’s yet to come. With caged zombies and dancers acting up a performance from what you’d expect on The Walking Dead.

Subtle tones of bass echoed around an empty grass paddock in the middle of nowhere as we reached closer to the main stage. With relief, we settled in under a shaded area with comfy couches and chairs not far off from a public restroom and bar overlooking the main stage. Looking around we were surrounded by a variety of characters from the crowd – anything from an elderly, mid 40’s couple dressed up in a mermaid outfit and a Hawaiian T-shirt pitted against the younger generation of scantily clad festival-goers. With no judgments being made, people continued to multiply as the day eases into the afternoon.

Delivered across two stages, the sounds ranged from pop house earlier in the day to heavy trap/rap later in the night. Caught by Haiku Hand’s contagious energy, the girls delivered a vibrant performance of cheeky dance moves to compliment their catchy tracks. By the time Lunice got up to perform who made his grand entrance by blessing the stage with the ancient ritual of burning sage leaves, the main stage filled up with alpha-male mosh circles emerging and head-banging dance moves from all. Reports of up to 5,000 attendees showed up with a high energy of good vibes and intricate outfits. It was once the sun went down when things really took off.

In between sets food-stalls were a must, surprisingly you didn’t waste time waiting in line. Aside from the rowdiness of some punters later in the evening, not much has changed for electronic/trap/bass fans – the festival managed to have a great turn out judging from the front end of the crowd. Some things are different, though, the most obvious being the extreme effort many people put into their zombie-style outfits. But from the decorations throughout the venue and food and drink options were all positive – especially the sound quality considering it was an outdoor venue.

To end the evening, A$ap Ferg and Alison took charge as the night cooled off. I had absorbed the experience of a horror-themed music festival located in the middle of nowhere and in complete darkness; Alison Wonderland’s Scarhouse Project is unlike any other music festival out there.