Mix of the Week: Anjunadeep Edition 43 presents 16 Bit Lolitas

Electronic Dutch duo Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock have come a long way in electronic music. Gaining respect through popular hits like “Nobody seems to care” and “Deep in my soul”. 16 Bit Lolita have definitely moved people with their catchy melodies and unforgettable smooth baselines fitting directly into underground house music.

The pair met through mutual friends in 2004. At the time Ariaan owned a studio, which Peter used part of to make music – the two were immediately drawn to one-another after their mutual talent and unique tastes as an artists.

Ariaan who had grown up around pop music and played the saxophone at age 8, slowly progressed his interests towards electronic music through his discovery of one of the first record labels which opened in Holland. He then eventually turned from playing his saxophone in his bedroom to djing in clubs. On the other hand, Peter listened to classical music throughout most of his childhood without listening to any other genres until he was 16-17. When 16 Bit Lolita first emerged, they produced various albums of experimental music which later progressed into house music.

Touring this year with also respected artists Luttrel, Jody Wisternoff and Joseph Ashworth for the Anjunadeep North Amercian Tour 2017 – Anjunadeep Edition 43 featuring 16 Bit Lolita endures great vibes giving you an accurate idea of what gives this pair the name they have built for themselves.