Single of the Week: Party // Sex on Toast

Vivacious, sensuous and occasionally sordid – Melbourne’s Sex On Toast drifts in a limbo of self-proclaimed 80's pop, yacht-rock, RnB, and synth-funk. Their live shows have come to be characterised by matching outfits and various stage antics fronted by founder Angus E. Leslie, serving only to amplify the quality of their sax and sex-laden tunes.

Their latest single, “Party”, is a punchy and layered jam from the get-go, introducing itself with a cascading run of synth and thumping bass that only lets up in the Michael Jackson-esque breakdown. Leslie’s otherwise sultry and expressive vocals sink into a growl backed by a beat decorated with cowbell hits and maniacal laughs; evoking what could only be described as a hyped up version of MJ’s “Remember the Time”.

Only Sex On Toast could get away with such a genre-bending song, infused with new jack swing vibes and the aesthetic of a 90s arcade racing game. “Party” is a move away from the lounge jazz and new wave revival vibes delivered on their self-titled 2014 debut, and into unchartered territory; territory that may just end up redefining party music.

The new instalment in their Rough/Ready EP series, “Party” is available to buy and stream on Bandcamp.