AC/DC – Rock & Bust World Tour

Last night was an overload of black shirts. It felt more like you were attending your favourite football team except for this occasion it was all for Rock n’ Roll. I think I saw one person last night without an AC/DC shirt on and I witnessed dedicated fans with AC/DC tattoos on their arms, backs, shoulders even one guy showed me his tattoo across his arse. Australian band, ‘Kingswood’ kicked things off at the Brisbane QSAC stadium, as the supporting act for AC/DC. By evening the Swedish band, ‘The Hives’ entered the stage in full swing. The stadium began flooding with people filling every little gap. Once The Hives concluded their set you knew what was next, everyone had full attention on the stage in front. Any moment now the lights will go down and it’s show time. Soon to be everything went dark and all you could see was thousands of red horns on top of fans heads glowing amongst the stage. Finally the stage lit up in a single bang with flames rising and explosions of bright lights beaming from the stage. Here’s the moment everyone has been waiting for, as smoke slowly faded away there they were. The crowd was going ballistic. AC/DC started off with ‘Rock or Bust’ with Angus Young in centre of the stage while front-man Brian Johnson moved side to side of the stage. The band show’s no sign of slowing down the amount of energy Brian has meanwhile through the second song, ‘Shoot To Thrill’ Angus began run and moving quickly to each side of the stage point to fans. AC/DC concluded their show with ‘Highway To Hell’ and ‘For Those About To Rock (We Salute You).