Mix of the Week 5/12: LET THE PEOPLE DANCE 132 - Will Cario

Up and coming DJ Will Cario has performed his debut as part of the Let the People Dance collective this week, and in doing so highlighted the minimalist simplicity of Sydney’s house scene. Playing at venues across the city, such as Home Nightclub, Civic Underground, Goodbar and The Sly Fox, Cario transports European influences into his Sydney club sound. With a killer beat and melodic focus, this week’s mix is an example of where Sydney house is at.

The biggest strength of the mix is its simplicity. Cario doesn’t try to do anything more than establish a solid beat, maintain that groove and keep the vibe going over the course of the hour. This exemplifies the minimalist approach many Sydney DJs have to a house set, especially compared to the frenetic thumping tempo of the Melbourne scene. Throughout Cario’s set there is a high reverb echo that establishes a soft ambient sound, whether it be the crackle of vinyl or distant electronic effects. Each track is tied together by this stripped back approach to mixing. This is not to say the blends are boring or lacking in variety. Each song, while having a unique flavour, maintains the consistency that Cario establishes from the outset. Taking pride in the broad selection of songs, Cario involves a commendable range of tracks from Ferro, Mihai Pol, Lazare, Hoche, Traumer, Barac and Lizz. Travelling between darker and more base heavy tracks and those with a melodic brightness, Cario’s European influences really shine through.

Despite the most recent loss to Sydney’s nightlife, with World Bar announcing its closure, it’s exciting to hear an interesting new name enter the scene. Expect to hear more from Cario at this high standard.