Spilt Milk

On a hot and dusty Saturday afternoon in our nation’s capital, excited punters weaved to and fro, eager to enter the gates of Spilt Milk 2018. With two stages and dozens of hot Australian and international acts split between them, festival goers were faced with the tough decision; should I go to the Basquiat or Angove stage?

They wouldn’t be disappointed regardless of which stage was chosen, as all the acts killed it at this year’s party in the park. We’re talking energetic and exciting DJ sets by RL Grime, Willaris. K and amazing acoustic sounds from the likes of Angus and Julia Stone, Vera Blue and Methyl Ethyl that sent shivers down our spines. With the weather a little bit cooler than previous years, punters had to snuggle up close in the mosh to keep their energy up; and a great sense of community and fun radiated from a rambunctious and pulsating crowd.

Check out our digital and analogue photo gallery to gauge the vibes that Spilt Milk 2018 gave off. Clear your schedules for next year as you don’t want to miss this again