Release of the Week - Mr. Mitch ‘Settle’

Mr Mitch.jpg

One of the most acclaimed producers of grime's second wave, London-based Mr. Mitch returns to his own label Gobstopper Records to produce his latest five track EP, Primary Progressive. Ahead of the EP’s release on October 26, Mr. Mitch has released ‘Settle’ to tease the audience with a stripped back track. Clocking in at five minutes and thirty-seven seconds, this dance song takes its time to build. However, when it gets going, there’s no doubt that Mr. Mitch has found a secret art in getting more energy from less music. 


The track starts slow, with light pattering chirps, low synth waves and a quiet bass that pulses away in the background like a heartbeat. Over the top of these three repeated layers lies the heavily synthesised vocal hook, “you are not made to settle down”. While this gently warms up the beat for about a minute and a half, the bass doesn’t suddenly blast this song into second gear. Instead, the booming bass drones away in the background, adding an essential layer of sound to ground the various electronic trills and crescendos Mr Mitch inserts throughout the song. 

Maintaining this minimalist tone, the chorus strips itself back again to focus on everything except the beat, with “you are not made to settle down” melodically calling for the audience’s attention. In any other song, this slow build and relative lack of composition would hurt the song’s energy and pacing, but Mr. Mitch proves exactly why he is still able to make the club both move and think after an eight-year career. 

The final sequence in the song is where all the layers combine, including the newly added bass drones and back-up vocals. As these layers come together, the final sequence excites the listener with a crisp, dancehall twang. Teasing the audience with a few soft electronic sounds, Mr Mitch combines them to drive them out onto the dancefloor.

Mr. Mitch’s forthcoming EP, Primary Progressive, will be released via Gobstopper Records on October 26.