Mix of the Week 19/9 - BTRMIX 015: Natalia

Be it techno, drum and bass or dubstep, Big Ting Recordings strives to broaden Australia’s mix of electronic dance music and develop Sydney’s distinct bass sound. For this month’s BTR mix, they’ve collaborated with Sydney’s own Natalia Newling from FBi Radio to deliver a spring mix that’s heavy on the local artists and even heavier on the bass.

The mix opens with a slow, dark and industrial intro before seamlessly transitioning to Gaiter’s ‘Keepsake (Work)’. The shifting tone in this intro alone is the perfect summary for Natalia’s expertise in combining a variety of genres and sounds without jarring the listener as she bounces across a wide sonic range. As such, this mix excels in offering not only enough diversity to keep the audience’s constantly excited, but also enough consistency to ground the mix in a comfortable vibe that encourages the listener to get out of their seats and onto the dancefloor. Exploring a nice mix of sub-heavy percussive bass songs that suit the strong Sydney theme, alongside some lighter tracks, there is no sense of genre hogging or prejudice towards tempo or pace. Instead, Natalia brings in an all-inclusive mix, taking full advantage of her experience as a radio host to lead the audience’s attention from song to song. As the bass thumps along as the foundational layer of sound, the listener is immersed in a dancefloor ready trance. Another strength of this mix is Natalia’s support of Sydney artists, including HED Ardennes and Tuff Sherm. It is rare to find a mix this good that is also this supportive of local artists.

Big Ting Recording’s fifteenth mix highlights just how good the Australian EDM style and Sydney bass scene is. Natalia continues to shine the spotlight on Sydney’s world class DJs. Listeners can catch her on FBi Radio every Thursday night.