Mix of the Week 7/11: Jordan Russell - Rusty Records // Volume #04

From Adelaide, South Australia, Jordan Russell (DJ Rusty) released his fourth mix on Soundcloud just in time for those thriller Halloween parties. While Halloween may be over, the party doesn’t need to stop and this exciting mix will keep the fear-induced adrenaline pumping well through November. With a combination of genres and some fancy sequencing, this jam packed thirty-five-minute onslaught is best described by Rusty’s soundcloud tag, #filth.

The mix is a good combination of well-known chart toppers and intense bass music that epitomises the energising power of electronic dance music. Some of the more renowned songs, like FatBoy Slim’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’, Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ and Lil Pump’s ‘I Love It’, give the mix a level familiarity, making it perfect for any dancefloor, whether a club or a house party. However, these crowd pleasers only serve the purpose of drawing in the listener before DJ Rusty hammers them with a remix or a bootleg. He lets the constant thumping bass tie each song together, grounding it in a strong EDM genre. While this is the genre that serves as the foundation of this mix, EDM is by no means what DJ Rusty restricts himself to. He introduces elements of hip hop, cutting the bass, before moving on to some killer drops that incorporate house, techno and trance bass music. This range extends beyond just genres, with some interesting textures and sounds, like Spanish horns and some dark voiceover narration creeping in. All in all, the mix is non-stop fun, using a variety of artists and styles to stay interesting while pumping a strong EDM vibe to keep it grounded and consistent.

Over the course of the thirty-five-minute mix, DJ Rusty will spook, shock and scare you with this tricky treat of a mix.