Mix of the Week 17/10 - Obsidiancast 004: Match Fixer

Melbourne’s Obsidian Festival prides itself on exposing unknown artists and experimental electronic genres. One such genre is trip hop, which is best described as a fusion of electronica and hip hop that is taken to such an extreme that neither genre’s conventions are recognised. While definitely experimental, Melbourne’s own electronic musician Match Fixer delivers a one hour mix in preparation for a November appearance, demonstrating the value in a calm and relaxing take on exploring the boundaries between genres.

The unique nature of trip hop is on full display in this mix as Match Fixer calmly blasts the listener with a constant, yet tranquil, sonic drone. From the beginning of the mix, he established the soft dynamics, slow tempo and melancholic tone that has grown to define this very specific genre style. Compared to both electronic or hip hop mixes, not much is happening, instead giving the listener a continuous overtone that utilises a distinct atmospheric ambience. However, the mix builds up, slowly but surely. It introduces small elements of funk styled drums, R&B beats and jazz instrumentations, albeit softly with high reverb to emphasise the distant and wide soundscape. There is even a section involving a lone male, close to a microphone, discussing life and love in a dark psychedelic monologue. Other mixes will use a thumping bass and frantic tempo to excite the listener and bring the audience up, fuelling their adrenaline. However, this mix serves a distinctly different purpose, using its calm timbre and ambience to relax the listener and bring the audience down. While Match Fixer delivers an experimental, and by extension divisive, mix, those unfamiliar with trip hop will quickly learn to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere it provides.

Match Fixer will be playing in Melbourne alongside Beau Wanzer next month. For more information visit their Facebook event here.


Obsidian also comes to Sydney with a reduced line up on November 16. Find all the details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/732200213789539/