Mix of the Week 20/2: Dunni – 10 Songs and a Bottle of Red Ep.1

Australian Soundcloud DJ Dunni has just begun his new series, “10 Songs and a Bottle of Red”. The series takes a completely different approach to the standard mix formula that is heard on Soundcloud. Gone is the DJ sets or electronic compilation sets and in its place is a much more personal mix. Dunni’s new series is exactly what it sounds like, ten songs that are best accompanied by a bottle of red wine and some calm vibes.

The main feature that differentiates this series from other mixes featured on Backyard Opera is Dunni’s presence through the 43 minutes runtime. He serves as both a DJ, carefully curating the songs, and a radio host, giving insight into each track. As it is such a personal show, he has no outside influences or audiences to cater to, allowing for a consistent, relaxed tone that matches his own relaxed mood.

Dunni’s curation is another notable aspect. He seamlessly moves through genres, seen first in the transition from funk and RnB in Shuggie Otis’ ‘Inspiration Information’ to classic rock in The Doors’ ‘Peace Frog’ to early soul and pop in Dusty Springfield’s ‘Spooky’. Other notable artists include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash. While there is this wide variety of musical genres, Dunni creates a strong thematic link by keeping the music old school. In between each song Dunni gives small insights into life and the artists as he himself gets further into the bottle of red. While this leads to Dunni’s inexperience and an admitted lack of preparation poking through, there is a genuine discussion of the music and his own experiences that can’t be seen in traditional radio shows. He even gives an acoustic cover of Fats Weller’s ‘If You’re A Viper’.

10 Songs and a Bottle of Red is an exciting new series that gives a genuine and heartfelt curation of classic songs to establish a laidback atmosphere. With practice and a few more episodes under his belt, Dunni will most likely ease into a groove and fix a lot of the rambling and awkward jokes that slip in between songs.