Premiere: The Hamiltons – ‘Comme Deux Petites Filles’

Siblings Emma and Tom Hamilton cut their teeth in the jazz clubs of London, before deciding to reconnect with their French heritage and create indie pop music. Today, Backyard Opera is premiering their brand-new track ‘Comme Deux Petites Filles’. Self-produced in a London bedroom, ‘Comme Deux Petites Filles’ effortlessly bounces between English and French to symbolise the lifelong friendship that these siblings have shared. It is bright, upbeat and catchy, balancing pop conventions with indie stylings. Drawing on their beginnings in their fathers’ folk band, the Hamiltons use gentle vocal harmonies, accordion riffs, acoustic guitars and an energetic rhythmic section to create an upliftingly joyous song.

We got the opportunity to ask the Hamiltons a few questions about this new release.

BYO: As a bilingual song, who is your main audience?

The Hamiltons: Interestingly, we started getting a super positive reaction from this song performing it live in English speaking countries like Australia and in the UK, people would always ask about "that French song!" The words are quite repetitive which is deliberate so even if you don't speak French you can get it into your head!

BYO: For English speakers, what does "Comme Deux Petites" and the French lyrics mean?

The Hamiltons: “Comme deux petites filles” literally means, “Like two little girls”, referencing friendships between kids and how if you are lucky you will find a friend or several friends in your lifetime who will accompany you in your journey.

BYO: What inspired you two to write a bilingual track?

The Hamiltons: We had just released an album on ABC Jazz/Universal of a completely French repertoire, inspired by our French heritage (we are half French) and we were doing loads of French shows, so it wasn't a conscious thing to write in French, it just came out! We were listening to and performing many great French songs, and it seeped into our songwriting.

BYO: The song is very upbeat, bright and happy. What influenced this arrangement?

The Hamiltons: Well Tom and I grew up playing folk music in our father’s band, so this kind of tempo and instrumental line-up is really in our blood. We have always loved Cajun, folk and country music as much as we love jazz, pop and indie music, and we think it really comes through in our sound.

Q: What is the main takeaway from the track?

The Hamiltons: ” This is ultimately a super fun track... at our shows people can't help but move and walk away singing "I'll be there for you" which is always a good sign that we left an impression!