Mix of the Week 14/15: International Tribe: Agrippa

The hour long mix can be taken many different ways. Whether it is a recorded set that is taken from a live performance, a sampling of tracks to demonstrate a DJ’s method of selection or a furious blend that showcases a DJ’s technical abilities, the format is what one makes of it. In this mix, London-based producer Agrippa takes a demonstrative angle, only playing unreleased tracks of his own (and one remix).

With one release under his belt already on his self-managed label, Par Avion, you would be forgiven for thinking that Agrippa would take this opportunity to showcase the bass end of the electronic spectrum. Instead, Agrippa begins somewhat lighter, using extended smaples to create sounds more akin to an ambient track. As we move further into the mix, however, the rumbling, tensile sounds that have earned Agrippa a reputation in London’s underground start to shudder through the mix. 

As a showcase of his production talents, Agrippa does not shy away from more melodic elements. With a timbre reminiscent of ringing on a steel beam, the mix moves across harmonic ranges, yet without losing the driving bass line. 

Coming by way of UK radio station Worldwide FM, this mix has been commissioned by one of the founders of the international underground. Worldwide FM is run by Boiler Room co-founder Thristian Richards, and now serves as a way for producers and DJs to connect with a global musical community that Boiler Room helped nurture. With such an extensive backlog of yet-unreleased tracks, it will be no surprise to see Agrippa travelling these established pathways. 

Agrippa’s next EP on Par Avoin is set to be released this month, check in on their Bandcamp here: https://paravionrecordings.bandcamp.com/