The Blend

October 11 marks the second night of The Blend at Ms G’s in Potts Point. Two nights of spectacular food, created by head chef Dan Hong and a chosen special chef. The first edition pairs Hong with street food specialist Kris Yenbamroong, from Los Angeles’ Night+Market. When Merivale gets its hands on an event it’s guaranteed to be booming with flavour and The Blend – presented by Chivas Regal – is no exception, inviting Sydney into a world of spice, mixology and music.

Ms G’s is already famous for its exciting take on South-East Asian flavours, however, The Blend manages to elevate this venue and menu beyond this already high benchmark. Transforming Ms G’s into a hub of innovation, the chefs collaborate to create a new variety of off-menu creations and specialty cocktails.

Hong has been head-chef of Ms G’s since it opened in 2010, and with co-head chef, Jowett Yu, he’s marked a stake on the culinary scene that has yet to be outdone. The cheeseburger spring rolls, mini chicken katsu bahn mi and exceptional crab fried rice are just some of the phenomenal creations which have come out of the Hong-Yu kitchen.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the world in California, chef Kris Yenbamroong has garnered a reputation in the culinary world for his cocaine Thai – read: insanely addictive. Bringing the two chefs together guarantees a night of lip-smacking surprises. The Blend marks the first time an outside chef has joined Hong in the Ms G’s kitchen, and together they have curated a party-style menu, combining their two genres in the food world. If this hasn’t got you salivating already, smelling the food certainly will.

The mouth-watering menu includes a fiery crispy rice salad, sai uah sausage bites with nam prik noom, and Dan’s coconut sorbet. If mere description doesn’t sell you on it, the real experience will. Each dish combines seamlessly with the others, despite the delegation between Hong and Yenbamroong. There is spice, sweetness, crunch and aroma incorporated in all parts of the menu, which is only elevated through Ms G’s physical transformation for the night.

In addition to the funky fusion food, Chivas Regal contributes another exciting element to the experience. Four bars are situated across each floor of the venue, adding a speakeasy-esque note to the night. Chivas’ aim for the event is to champion the four distinct flavours of whisky: smoky, creamy, fruity, and citrus. Each floor holds a different flavour, and guests have the chance to taste a variety of grain and single malt concoctions, all with unique flavour profiles. If this wasn’t enough, the décor, nibbles and aroma of the bars are curated to match the whisky theme. Bowls of dried fruit and nuts pile up at the end of the Fruity bar, while smoke drifts along the ceiling of the top floor. After choosing favourites, guests can then create a one of a kind whisky blend, which will be sent to them in the weeks following.

The diversity of gastronomical sensations is matched with the sensual tunes being spun by the guest DJ. XO sauce is cooled with a sip of a creamy chaser, while the familiar crunch of fried chicken in the papaya salad sandwiches is expertly matched with the citric tang of a grain whisky shot. As you drift through the four artfully styled levels of Ms G’s, you’ll be yearning for your next bite and sip.