The Weekly Collection #49

Burberry’s Christmas campaign revealed, a(nother) power move from Queen Bey and the real secret behind this iconic lingerie brand: all this and more in the Weekly Collection.

BURBERRY releases Christmas Campaign

Earlier this week, Burberry officially released their Christmas campaign in their two-minute long video Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas by British photographer Juno Calypso. Featuring the likes of Matt Smith, M.I.A., Kristin Scott Thomas, Naomi Campbell and her mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell; it’s a star-studded piece with luxurious white Christmas vibes all around. The vid shows off ready-to-wear menswear and womenswear as well as a sneak peek at designer Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with the label. Check it out below:

Victoria’s Secret … is a Lack of Inclusivity

Yup, it seems like the secret’s out. Days after the big filming of the brand’s 2018 fashion show, Victoria’s Secret made headlines for all the wrong reasons when Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek made the controversial statement that the brand doesn’t want trans or plus-size models walking their runway. “Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy … We attempted to do a television special for plus sizes [in 2000]. No one had any interest in it. Still don’t.” While the brand has made strides over the past decade to include more racial diversity in their shows, the fact remains that every model who struts their catwalk is stick-thin, thus alienating anyone who’s more than a size 0 - which, by the way, is most people. Razek has since apologised for his comments on transgender models (as they are correctly termed), but refused to apologise for his comments on plus-size inclusivity. With the success of new, progressive brands like Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty championing gender, racial and size diversity; many are wondering why it’s taking Victoria’s Secret so long to keep up, and why people like Razek are still claiming that there’s no market for diversity.

Beyoncé Takes 100 per cent ownership of Ivy Park

Singer and superstar Beyoncé has this week taken full ownership of her athleisure brand Ivy Park, which launched two years ago. Following allegations of sexual harassment against co-founder Philip Green, Bey’s company Parkwood has bought out his shares, taking the business into her own hands. According to a statement from Ivy Park “After discussions of almost a year, [Beyoncé's] Parkwood has acquired 100 percent of the Ivy Park brand”. Fans are applauding the brand’s actions, with writer Kevin Allred tweeting: