September Issues – The 2018 Edition

If you’re a fashion aficionado or you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada one too many times, you’re probably familiar with the infamous September issue. Well, we’re only in August - but the time for September issue launches has rolled around once more, with major magazines from around the world jostling to reach the front of the pack, with the glitziest, most out-there, most innovative-looking cover, featuring the coolest it girls - and, occasionally, guys - of the moment.

The September issue in particular is a big deal because it marks the point in the year that the fashion seasons in the northern hemisphere change from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. There’s a hint of change in the air in addition to the weather, though - our northern neighbours begin a new school year, a reinvigorated, revved-up work ethic - all of which inspires a general sense or desire for innovation and creativity. Hence, the September issue: a generally longer, more in-depth, more focused edition.

This year, as always, magazines aren’t shying away from the challenge. The collections this year demonstrate the same annual desire to be the most talked about; the most admired; the most influential.

At the top of the game, as usual, are the two giants of the industry: Vogue and British Vogue. Graced by Beyoncé and Rihanna, respectively, there’s no denying that both issues are pure works of art for their covers alone. I mean - it’s Bey. And Rih. Can you really go wrong? It’s almost too easy to create show-stopping covers when you’re featuring such iconic women, and these covers are certainly show-stoppers: and coincidentally, both feature the powerhouse performers adorned in bright jewel tones and florals. Honestly, it’s impossible to choose a fave.

Continuing in the bright and beautiful vein is Glamour Magazine, featuring American actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish looking like a pure, radiant beam of sunshine in a rainbow sweater, red jacket and matching tulle skirt.

Vanity Fair and Marie Claire both opted to step back in time, with 60s-inspired covers, dressing their cover stars in Mad Men-esque attire. Aesthetically, Marie Claire clearly wins this round: featuring actress and singer Zendaya in a leopard-print sweater and a modern take on a beehive updo, proving once again that the multi-talented muse can truly pull off any look.

Special mention, of course, has to go to Harper’s Bazaar. The semi-dramatic, black-and-white cover image isn’t too ground-breaking in itself, nor is the fashion depicted - but if you’re going to put Kanye West on a cover with daughter North and son Saint, you’re certainly going to grab attention left right and centre.