Totes Adorbs: The Latest In Bag Trends

If there’s one fashion category that has defined 2018, it has to be bags. Every month heralds some new or revived take on the staple accessory - so we’ve put together a handy guide on the best bag trends and where you can snatch them up for yourselves.

Belt Bags

Think of belt bags as the slightly more stylish, chic older sister of the old-fashioned bum bag. They’re out in force this year on your favourite models and influencers, and there’s no question why - they effortlessly blend practicality and fashion with their utility-meets-chic design. Loop them around the waistband of your ripped jeans to level up your look; or strap one around a coat for a sleek winter look.

Get the look: The Daily Edited Belt Bag ($149.95), Zimmermann Saddle Belt Bag ($395), Sans Beast Croco Reader Satchel ($199), Zimmermann Pocket Belt Bag ($395)

String Bags

It’s hard to decide what to like more about these bags: their affordability or their versatility. A quick search online will find you a basic net or string bag for under $10 - and even slightly more upmarket takes will cost you well under $50. Go ahead, buy one in all the colours to suit every look, and take it with you anywhere from grocery shopping, to the beach or to a fashion runway.

Get the look: eString bags collection (from $6.27), Mango Net bag ($14.95), Rubi Tort Handle Macrame Bag ($39.95)

Woven Bags

There’s something about straw or woven bags that just screams summer. Coming in every style imaginable from round to boxy, you're sure to have seen these strewn across your Instagram feed for months by now, and they're not going out of fashion any time soon. Dream of warmer days and blue skies, and get yourself one of these effortlessly cool neutral bags that you can throw on with any look.

Get the look: sass & bide Formentera Basket ($100), Faithfull Shelby Woven Bag via the Iconic ($119), Carolina Santorini Woven Bag ($99.99), Faithfull Vida Bag via the Iconic ($129), Helen Kaminski Carillo Raya ($295)


Ah, microbags. So impractical, yet so damn irresistibly cute. Sure, all you'll be able to squeeze into these teeny tiny totes is your phone and maybe a lippie if you're lucky, but isn't it just so worth it for the look? If you're willing to sacrifice space for style, then look no further than this miniature trend.

Get the look: Dion Lee Slit Loop Purse ($175), Sans Beast Duplicitous Pouch ($99), Farrah + Sloane Phoebe Bag via the Iconic ($99), The Daily Edited Vertical Clutch ($199.95), Zimmermann Canister Bag ($350)

Transparent Bags

Transparent bags are fairly self-explanatory, but it's harder to explain their mass appeal in the fashion world. They're not entirely practical for anyone prone to a messy handbag filled with months-old receipts, tissues and gum wrappers - but perhaps they're more of an incentive to keep your things tidy and #aesthetic? Anyway, it’s a look – so make it work.

Get the look: Zara Vinyl Bumbag ($39.95), My Accessories Clear Plastic Tote Bag via ASOS ($48), Zara Vinyl Tote Bag ($29.95), Tony Bianco Caprese via the Iconic ($99.95)

Neoprene Bags

If you’re a fan of the athleisure trend - then you’ll love the sleek, sporty style of the neoprene bag trend. They’ll take you anywhere from the gym to the beach and even to brunch, keeping you stylish but storing everything you could possibly need. The exclusive Incu x State of Escape collection has you covered here, with a set of essential neoprene tote and crossbody bags in dreamy pastel shades.

Get the look: Incu x State of Escape exclusive collection