Style: Lenny Zhong

Style is a curated showcase introducing distinct individuals that cross our path. Sharing their own story and their unique approach to fashion, life and whatever else.

BYO: Who is Lenny Zhong? Tell me your story ...

LENNY: Pretty simple low class shit. Single mum, single child from the western suburbs. The struggle is REAL people. I’d have it no other way, I’m a firm believer your environment affects who you are. We’re getting deep. You’re welcome.

BYO: What inspires you?

LENNY: The underlying creativity that my friends have. Makes me feel shit tbh.

BYO: Describe your ultimate dream.

LENNY: I’ll paint the picture. Middle North America, you’re driving down route 66 through to Tulsa. You’re passing through smaller towns but they don’t feel right. Until, a gas stop, your car is fine, you have enough fuel but you know she’s there, unaware of what’s about to happen. Your life has changed.

BYO: What's your happy place/escape and why?

LENNY: Day to day grind, when I have my earphones in, dead to the world. Music plays a big role. Otherwise, where ever takes a while to drive to. Shout outs to RNP, Blue Mountains, Myall Lakes. Kozzie.

BYO: Who matters to you?

LENNY: My cat, Ellesworth M Toohey. Ellie for short. There are people but I don’t want to use too many of the characters. They know.

BYO: Words to live by and why?

LENNY: I’m not a model. That shit is too hard.

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Photography: Toni Veziris @toniveziris
Model: Lenny Zhong
Styling: Maria Maung @maria_maung