Style: Millie Sykes

Style is a curated showcase introducing distinct individuals that cross our path. Sharing their own story and their unique approach to fashion, life and whatever else.

BYO: Tell me your story ...

MILLIE: Small town girls hits the big smoke and discovers her passion for fashion!

BYO: What inspires you?

MILLIE: Strong women, those I follow online & those I surround myself with everyday, who remain outspoken & unruly in the fight for equality.

BYO: Describe your ultimate dream ...

MILLIE: A world where everyone actually gives a … care.

BYO: What's your happy place/escape and why?

MILLIE: Front left of a dance floor at 3am. It’s one of those rare places where for a fleeting moment nothing else in the world matters, and that’s a pretty special thing.

BYO: Who matters to you?

MILLIE: Family, friends, complete strangers on the internet who inspire me  to continue living my truth every day.

BYO: Words to live by and why?

MILLIE: "In recent years I'm, like, too cool for duck face. So that doesn't happen." - Kim Kardashian

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Photography: Toni Veziris @toniveziris
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