Style: Aggie Choi

Style is a curated showcase introducing distinct individuals that cross our path. Sharing their own story and their unique approach to fashion, life and whatever else.

BYO: Tell me your story ...

AGGIE: Born and bred in Sydney, danced my way through my childhood/ teenage years like those kids on Dance Moms, would make clothes for my Jenny doll out of mums old socks, when there was no mirror I thought I was a white girl throughout my high school days, did half a year of Journalism/Law...before fashion design, and in between the transition I went to Hong Kong and almost committed to a career in acting, my first relationship lasted for 5 years, and I finished all the levels of bubble trouble when I was 11.

BYO: What inspires you?

AGGIE: My dad’s generosity, my mums courage, and my sister’s creativity.

BYO: Describe your ultimate dream.

AGGIE: Ultimately, my dream is a world without violence and a society that listens and appreciates all cultures, genders, and sexualities, but right now, my immediate dream is just to be in bed because if you know me, you also know that I am never free.

BYO: What's your happy place/ escape and why?

AGGIE: Honestly I love a good sing- (*yell) at karaoke to let out some steam, but in all honesty it doesn’t take much to keep me happy, just a coffee and a read at a cafe is more than enough.

BYO: Who matters to you?

AGGIE: They know who they are!!

BYO: Words to live by and why?

AGGIE: When I went to Mori Art Museum in Tokyo last year, they had a book full of Japanese children’s ultimate ‘life goals’. A surprising proportion wanted to be a fireman.. but one little girl said, ‘I hope to always have a heart as big as the universe’. It sounds like a naive quote, but it has so much depth and impetus as I truly believe that love and kindness can make the world a little better. Be genuine, give and don’t expect return, always see the good in people and help others whenever possible. Nothing makes me happier than knowing the people around me are happy.

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Photography: Toni Veziris @toniveziris
Model: Aggie Choi @aggie.choi

Styling: Maria Maung @maria_maung