The Weekly Collection #8

Welcome back to the Weekly Collection, 2018 edition. The wrath of Diet Prada continues into the new-year, Uggs are back, and ASOS will reduce its waste by 2020.

The wrath of Diet Prada

The Christmas season saw Instagram page @diet_prada grow in popularity and subsequently, its reach.  The Instagram account – known for its ruthless naming and shaming of brands who knock-off others – now has 235k followers. In most recent Diet Prada news, brands like Reliquia, I Am Gia The Label and Tigermist have been called out for stealing designs and ideas from a range of indie and designer labels. The likes of Australian brands such as Daisy ( and Cleopatra’s Bling (@cleopatrasbling) have been exalted as true and honourable designers by Diet Prada – with many a revelation of their designs being stolen.

Diet Prada haven’t limited themselves to calling out brands – the account has criticised publications and other industry professionals for working with photographers accused of sexual assault. The Diet Prada following are becoming so fanatical (and grateful) that the account exists with Diet Prada’s own merchandise – a comical commentary on rip-off brands – selling out fast.

Is it now fashionable to wear Uggs?

It may not be the weather for it right now, but it seems that Uggs are now back in fashion. The (arguably) quintessential Aussie brand has collaborated with French brand Y/Project to bring a capsule collection. The designs were ready to debut at Men’s Fashion Week and aimed to hero “the brands most iconic styles, re-interpreted through the Y/Project lens, in a fresh and honest way”.
 The avant-garde designs have brought a brand-new take on Uggs – which undoubtedly, won’t be seen on 16-year-old girls in your local Westfield.

ASOS and other fashion giants pledge to reduce waste

An event lead by the Global Fashion Agenda has seen that 64 of the world’s most prevalent companies in the fashion industry have pledged towards a new waste-reducing business model. Brands such as Adidas, ASOS, Zara, H&M and Hugo Boss were among those who signed the business model. Circularity in the industry was a recurring theme, however, other main areas covered by the model include: “increasing volume of used garments collected, increasing volume of used garments resold, and increasing garments made from recycled post-consumer textile fibres”.

All companies have also made specific pledges and targets, with ASOS promising that by 2020 it will enact circular principles for packaging and have trained all its designers on circular product design.

The Elliatt and Bless’ed are the Meek Sample Sale

Elliatt Collective/Bless’ed are the Meek have created the ultimate sample sale. Shop $10 quality Australian pieces for four days only from a location in Surry Hills.

Who: The Elliatt and Bless’ed are the Meek
What: Dresses, separates
When: Mon 22nd Jan 2018 – Thurs 25th Jan 2018
Where: 64-66 Sophia Street, Surry Hills