This Weekend in Sydney 21/9

Fair weather and plenty of fairs - summer is right around the corner.


If all you dream of is the beer of Bavaria, you don’t have to go all that far. This weekend, book a table at Munich Brauhaus at The Rocks to enjoy an authentic Oktoberfest outdoor marquee. Whether you’re looking for a wurst fest, a costume party or kegs upon kegs of beer, you’ll find it all in this weekend in Sydney. Make a booking:

Learn: Vegetarian Masterclass with Brent Savage and Pat Nourse

Over a two-hour interactive session, Savage will introduce the audience to four vegetarian dishes. With the Carriageworks farmers’ markets running outside, Savage can show you exactly how he turned fine diner Yellow into an entirely vegetarian establishment, while also running Bentley Restaurant + Bar, Monopole and Cirrus. For tickets are more info, head over to

GO: Festival of Death and Dying

Don’t freak out – while our culture typically fears all things to do with death and dying, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our mortality haunts many of us, but when you understand the reality, it becomes a little easier to digest. This weekend you can enjoy - or at least embrace - discussions, performances and workshops to help you come to terms with it a little more. Get fully immersed without, y’know, actually dying. For the deathly details:


Ever get the nagging feeling that you were born in the wrong decade? What about the wrong century? If the desire you have is to rewind a few hundred years to simpler times, then the Medieval Faire may well be for you. Now in its fifth year, the St Ives Showground is eschewing mundane modernity for just one weekend. Escape the rat race and enjoy all kinds of feasts and festivities. Grab your tickets: