BYO Culture Guide December 17 - 23

With the Christmas festivities getting into full swing, enjoy a night exploring Sydney’s theatre or art with your loved ones before the end of the year

Signal: Exhibition Opening

This group show engages practitioners who shift away from two dimensional practice. Anna Pgossova, Siena White, Mark Booth, Patrick Cremin, Orson Heidrich and Jarryd Lynagh use material to create an experience of occupied space and object presence. Signal presents an arrangement in response to the question “what is being sought at the intersections of artistic mediums?”

Opening December 19, 6pm
Down / Under Space
109 Regent Street, Chippendale

Comic Vigilance

Comedy troupe Snake Pit and genderqueer comedian Kipp Lee will host a night of defiant and empowering stand-up comedy that honours those affected by gendered violence. This is an exceptional opportunity to both have a great night out and support a worthy cause.

December 19, 6.30pm
Forrest Lodge Hotel
117 Arundel Street,

A Fitz-mas Carol!

Just when you thought all the theatre companies had closed for the year, the Old Fitz continues to provide some great theatre. This night will feature eight improv ‘elves’, Rowan Witt, Anthony Taufa, Hannah Reilly, Scott Sheridan, Jane Watt, Maddie Parker, Bryce Halliday and Zoe Rae.

December 22, 8pm
Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre
129 Dowling Street,

Lives Between - Alice Cloutier-Lachance  

This solo show explores intimate moments in people’s lives, documents their emotions and delves into the reality behind closed doors. The exhibition aims to document small moments of a much larger story. ‘Fragments of Silence’, a short film by Alice Cloutier-Lachance and Odin Umeofia, will also be shown.

December 19, 6pm
Goodspace Gallery
115 Regent Street, Chippendale