Homage: A Celebration of Queer Voices

Homage image high res.jpeg

Maeve Marsden, creator of the widely successful podcast, book and storytelling event Queerstories, is back with an exciting new piece of musical performance. Homage continues Marsden’s work of giving a platform to those who need to be heard.

Homage features artists such as Lady Sings It Better band, Brendan Maclean, Jordan Raskopoulos, Marcus Whale, Benhur Helwend and Sports Bra. They will be covering George Michael, Janelle Monae, Anohni, Ani Di Franco, Electric Fields, Elton John, Courtney Barnett. Across a diversity of musical genres the one requirement is that the song performed must have been made famous by another LGBTQI+ artist.

For Marsden it’s about celebrating the music and musicians that give life to Sydney’s stages. “I’m not trying to make a statement about visibility, it’s for the community, this night will be about celebrating musicians.”

After noticing that the storytellers of Queerstories were constantly referencing music or the musicians, Marsden saw an opportunity to take the successful podcast to a different musical space. Queerstories is an important artistic expression for Marsden as it allows her to share the stories of others similar to her. “It’s my way of creating a storytelling night that I would want to go to… I made this for myself.”

Queerstories has taken off not only in Sydney, but has found a home in Melbourne, Brisbane and the earbuds of Australia. It has spotlighted the queer community and the queer culture that has been a driving force behind Sydney’s nightlife for many years. Homage uses the references that the storytellers were making in Queerstories and blends them together. Performers are still sharing their stories but they’re framed around the narrative of how they found this music and why it was important to them.

Homage intends to bring all the authenticity of Queerstories but incorporates more energy and aims to “bring a different vibe to the room” said Marsden. Homage is about tightening the bonds among the community. Creating and fostering this community was essential to Marsden because of her own roots in queer culture. “I have grown up in this community and I am not interested in assimilating, this is community is like my home, it’s my culture and it’s my family,” said Marsden.

“I don’t like the notion of inspiring or giving back, I wanted a job in the arts and it was instinctive to me to make queer culture and it was the art that I wanted to make” said Marsden. While Homage in essence is about entertainment, it’s also about creating theatre and performance for the performers themselves. 

Homage will be at the Factory Theatre on October 24 from 7.30pm. Pick up tickets at http://www.factorytheatre.com.au/events/2018/10/24/homage-a-queer-musical-tribute