Culture Guide - Liveworks guide

This week we check out the most engaging works from the Liveworks program. Here’s our selection of some of the most exciting, different and avant garde new live exhibitions. All are taking place at Carriageworks and run on various dates between October 18 and 28. For a taste of where performance art is heading and with a focus on Australia and the Asia Pacific, this is the cutting edge of contemporary art happening now.

Uncanny Valley Girl

As our bodies become intertwined with the devices we use, what does this say about the distinction between human and machine? This exhibition merges live performance text and a razor sharp soundtrack to interrogate our world and imagine it anew. Check out our chat with creator/performer Angela Goh here:

October 18-21


Circles of Fire: The Amphitheatre

This four-part work was inspired by artist John Douglas’ experience with a life-saving kidney transplant and explores the experience of chronic illness, treatment and recovery. It brings together video installation, virtual reality, medical procedures and live performances.

October 24-28



This nightclub turned immersive installation celebrates women of colour, and draws on First Nation cultural practices of empowerment and trance. It will transport you to an alternative universe blending hip hop, video art, installation and performance.

October 20


Rest Area

Come and find a stranger’s embrace on the back of a stationary truck in an unlikely bedchamber. This work by artist SJ Norman looks at our fundamental human desire to be touched and held. This simple yet profound work is a one-to-one meditation on longing, comfort and the melancholy eroticism of loneliness.

October 24-28

Return to Escape form Woomera

Fifteen years ago the explosive and controversial video game Escape From Woomera was created, putting players in the shoes of a refugee held in detention. In this exhibition you are given the opportunity to play this game and the artists will create a live commentary to accompany the gameplay with human rights advocates, refugees and the creators of the original game.

October 24-28