BYO Culture Guide September 3 - 9

It’s September and things are kicking into gear. Family and environment are chosen topics for artists who are able to re-express personal ideas through engaging with the fundamentals of life.

The Humans

Spotlighting the Blake family, who have come together for their youngest daughter Brigid and her boyfriend Richard, this play considers the way we live now. It’s a funny, sad and comedic drama that blends documentary and naturalism to create a darling piece of theatre.

September 5 - October 6
Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre
129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo

I just wanted to be alone with her

While environmental phenomenona are often framed as scientific, natural occurrences, they can have deeply personal affects, particularly for those already at risk. This chamber work stages the life of an elderly woman, living on her own, who collapses during a heatwave. This work is based on the 2017 January heatwave and hopes to shed like on the unsuspecting effects events like these have on the elderly.

September 6-9
107 Projects
107 Redfern Street, Sydney

Good Mourning Earth

Artist Silkensap has created a contemporary exhibition to hold a space to mourn the earth in the sixth great extinction event in Earth’s history. This exhibition acts as a reaction to our mistreatment to the earth but also as a call to state engaging in more sustainable behaviour that will help the Earth rejuvenate.

5 September
Down / Under Space
109 Regent Street, Chippendale

In Camels’ Footsteps

This exhibition highlights the experimental and innovative creative practice in art as artists respond to their experiences, specifically looking through their journey on a camel trek living in the outback Australia. This exhibition considers the intersection between art, nature, science, history and the synergy between artists sharing a common experience.
281 Clarence Street, Sydney
Until September 10