BYO Culture Guide July 9-16

This week we explore climate and environment-influenced artists and how it shapes their artwork. As the issue becomes more and more prominent and mutates in new ways, artists have inspired and challenged audiences by creating thought provoking work surrounding issues of climate change and environmental damage.

Jamiee Paul - Honour The Being

Come face to face with some of the some of the most incredible animals that you may not be able to see in any other context. Honour the Being by Jaimee Paul features a life sized white rhino, an over-sized German short haired pointer dog and trio of cockatoos, all which demonstrate their natural beauty.

Opening July 21, 3 - 6pm
Exhibition continues July 19 to August 5
Sydney Road Gallery
561-563 Sydney Road

Phil Stallard - Personal Graffiti

Personal Graffiti explores Stallard’s individual memories of Sydney’s waterways, fields and suburban areas. These works are highly emotive and generate a sense of belonging within Sydney. It’s an contemplation on how memories of places can fill with resonance and the affect that they have had in subsequent years.

Opening July 21 2- 4pm
Exhibition continues July 21 – August 30
Soho Galleries
197 Young Street

Rachel Caroll - The Oxygen Series

This exhibition celebrates the Daintree Rainforest, the oldest rainforest in the world. Researching the way trees absorb CO2 and the affect that has on the planet has inspired Rachel Carroll to create this body of work and across many different forms. All the proceeds from this event will be donated to charity.

Opening July 17, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition continues July 17 -22
Frances Keevil Gallery
28-34 Cross St,
Double Bay

Owen Leon - Original Nature

Owen Leon draws on Toaist philosophies to unpack how our minds exist prior to cultural conditioning. Through this body of sculptural works Leon reconnects with the idea of emptying one’s self until we have a clearer understanding of not only our minds but life itself.

July 4 - 28
Artereal Gallery
747 Darling Street