BYO Culture Guide June 25 - July 1

External landscapes and the environment are constantly shaping artists, affecting their subject matter but also the mediums they are using to create these artworks. These current environmental changes are being explored this week through art and literature.

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Loose Leaf Literature

This relaxed evening once a month celebrates young and emerging artists sharing their work. There are performances across number of mediums, such as: stand-up comedy, poetry, storytelling, music and live art. This month’s lineup includes artists: DOBBY, Elliot Cameron, Diana McLauren, Hugh Inglis and more.

25 June, 7.30pm – 10.30
LazyBones Lounge
294 Marrickville Road

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Real Time Stockroom

This one night only event explores how artists are expanding their mediums and finding new ways to sell their works through online projects or DIY business enterprises. Curated by Lucy Zaroyko, the artists assembled explore themes of recycling and repurposing through how the artists utilise skills from their day jobs and their mediums to create these works.

June  27, 6pm – 12am
Down / Under Space
109 Regent St

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Elliot Bryce Foulkes & Amanda Williams // Elena Elias

Breaking away from conventions and margins, Elliot Bryce defamiliarises graphic conventions through new abstract works.
A Single Same and Same Ocean by Amanda Williams and Elena Elias focuses on photography and sculpture to explore the role that repetition plays in art making.

Opening June 27, 6 – 8pm
Wellington St Projects
Friday-Sunday, 11am - 5pm 19-23 Wellington St Chippendale

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Janet Tavener: The Last Seed & Daniel O’Toole: The Long Tomorrow

The Last Seed by Janet Tavener explores the contents of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which houses 5000 essential seed species. Looking at human facility and reminding us of our own mortality, Tavener explores the threat of losing the continents within the vault through her powerful art.

The Long Tomorrow by Daniel O’Toole examines the influence of gothic churches, Roman ruins and classic French design on his own abstract works after his recent trip to Lyon, France.

Opening June 30, 3 – 5pm
May Space
409b George Street Waterloo, Sydney