BYO Culture Guide

This week we’re thinking painting; its life and its death. From established artists exploding definitions of painting, younger artists continuing to experiment with the form and artists from the APY Lands opening new ways for Sydney audiences to experience their work, this most traditional form of artistic expression continues to surprise and delight.


Zombie Painting

Pushing painting to its limits is the raison d'être of this exhibition. Combining the tradition of the artist of the city and the long history of artistic expression through paint, this group exhibition explodes our understandings of both and then puts it back together in a Frankenstein-esque process of reconstruction. There will not be anything to buy here, but rather STACKS Projects invites viewers to experience the works of these artists, before they disassemble once again.
22 March - 8 April 2018
STACKS Projects
91 Victoria St, Potts Point
Thursday to Saturday 11 - 6, Sunday 11 – 4


Out of Line

This exhibition at Paddington’s Piermarq brings together the works of Hayden Jackson and Jacob Spokes. While the artists converge in their use of paint, their practices diverge in their exploration of a subject with Jackson highlighting the artistic process while Spokes is inspired by the urban environment of Sydney. These two emerging artists both point to the direction that young artists are taking.
Opening Wednesday March 28, 6 -8 pm.
76 Paddington St Paddington
Monday to Saturday 10 – 5


APY Gallery

Launched last week, this new gallery, in partnership with the National Art School, showcases the work of premier indigenous artists from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands of northern South Australia. The opening exhibition, Malatja Tjutangku Ara Irititja Kunpungku Kanyini or Old Knowledge, Young Blood includes the work of Rosalind Tjanyari and Natalie Robin. Demonstrating the diversity of practices within the artists who are part of the APY Art Centre Collective, this exhibition and the gallery itself will serve to highlight the vibrant representations of country to a Sydney audience.
APY Gallery
45 Burton Street
Monday to Saturday 9 - 5